“SOUVLAKI” 2.000 years b.C. in ancient Santorini!

(“Souvlaki” is the most famous snack of the Greeks.
Made from pork meat, mainly located in round piece of special bread called pitta, supplemented with fried potatoes, tomato and tzatziki (yogurt with cucumber and garlic.)

They ate pomegranates, figs and almonds. The olives, oil and pulses  were the daily diet, and of course wine.

They worshiped the clams, sea urchins, scallops, barnacles and the newts. Thefishermen bring daily fish of all kinds, snails must have been a kind of delicacy, but formeat, the goat was the first choice.
And to say about their favorite recipe, there are strong indications that it could be the …souvlaki!


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